The Jewellery Shop of the Real Madrid

Crown Jewels, you'll never want to part with your Real Madrid jewellery. A piece that will last a lifetime incorporating the Real Madrid logo. The pieces you can find in the Real Madrid jewellery shop are:

-The Twins of Real Madrid:

You can wear them with any outfit to enjoy your favourite team wherever you go and shine with the jewel of Real Madrid. They are made of Zamak, gold and silver plated. A product that will make you highlight any outfit, with the elegance and elegance that represents the Real Madrid.

The Pisacorbatas of Real Madrid:

Products made of Zamak, you can find them in 3 types, Gold plated, Silver plated or Ruthenium plated. They are given an anti-allergic treatment. This product will make your tie and your suits stand out, with that madridist touch that makes us unique.

-The Earrings of Real Madrid:

You can find one of the jewels par excellence of Real Madrid. We have from dangling earrings to press-on earrings, a work of art made jewellery, using the best treatments to create exclusive products. Anyone will want to have one of these unique and exclusive pieces to complete their collection.

-The Clocks of Real Madrid:

One of the most valued collections by our fans for decades, for its high quality, for the good composition of its materials and for the colours that represent madridismo, black, blue, white.

Products made of steel and silicone, depending on your style you will have the best watch on Real Madrid.

You will never be late again with watches from Real Madrid. You will always know the time because you won't be able to take your eyes off your favourite piece of jewellery, because of its incomparable beauty, and because you will always want to wear it because of its colourful composition and innovative design.

The Bracelets of Real Madrid:

There are 2 types of bracelets from Real Madrid, for you to use depending on the moment and the occasion, there are:

Bracelets with a design for events, large cocktail parties and elegant dinners. Where your piece of jewellery from Real Madrid will dazzle and make you feel special.

The bracelets with an adventurous and sporty character are bracelets for everyday wear, which won't look bad at an elegant dinner, but they are a piece that you can wear at any time, to go to work, to go out with friends, to go for a run, or any activity you can think of.

Whatever jewellery you decide to add to your wardrobe, you can combine it with any other jewellery, for example the bracelet with cufflinks and watches.

Bracelets for elegant events with earrings.

An amazing product but combined they will highlight your jewellery even more wherever you go.