The Real Madrid has the largest collection of high performance sportswear on the market. Its different collections such as:

La Liga Training, Spring and Summer, Chinese New Year, Champions League, Travel, .....

Each collection has different characteristics, for example, the Champions collection uses classic colours and a quality fabric that is unique in the market, as it could not be otherwise for the Real Madrid in the competition that has been leading since the 50s. This collection was designed for amateurs who are looking to train without limitations in their clothing, to be able to perform any type of sport, at any intensity regardless of whether you compete at a professional level or as an amateur, you will always feel great with your Champions collection.

The La Liga collection is very similar in quality to the Champions League collection, the difference is that the colours are very bright and youthful.

The Real Madrid sportswear for training can be easily combined with other garments from the collections, such as the kits, men's clothing or women's and training wear, all of which connect with the madridista feeling, to create unique and personalised outfits.

Their variety of colours (blue, orange, white, grey, black, ...) and designs (tight, wide, classic cuts, stand-up collar, ribbed cuffs, ...) make them indispensable pieces for training and a good basic wardrobe for any fan of Jogging, Spinning, Gym, Running... they can also be used in any situation, for trips with the travel collection, or for a drink with the leisure collection, go to the cinema with a disruptive style with the Chinese New Year collection. You can combine the tracksuits, Bottoms long or shorts, with the jackets or with the short sleeve t-shirts or long, or even with the hoodless sweatshirts or . 

Depending on the fabric of the garments or from the training collection you can do different activities, some have a water resistant coating like the "Men's Training Waterproof Jacket Real Madrid" so you can run outdoors without fear of getting wet in the rain. Other models include a soft fleece which is ideal for outdoor training such as the "Men's Training Tracksuit Real Madrid" or in the gym.

The Bottoms training centres have two types of design:

Loose fit: designed to allow you to go out and exercise freely, for all running enthusiasts who like to feel very light.

Heel cuffs: a more flexible style if you are looking for a more varied workout whether for running or gym training.

You can also find a wide variety of short and long Bottoms .

Revolutionary technology in training products:

The training products are made from Primegreen, a combination of high performance recycled materials without virgin polyester.

Breathable fabric: AEROREADY